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Twist Hairstyle

 Toddler Girls Hairstyle Pretty Headband



This easy hairdo is perfect for flower girls but will also work well for any formal girls hairstyle. Girls with hair at least as long as shoulder length (or longer) will easily be able to style their hair in this sweet style. 


Supplies Needed for this Flower Girl Hairstyle:

1. Your favorite way to give your little girl bouncy curls
2. Decorative Hair Barrett
3. Fresh Babies Breath Flowers or other small flowers

Step #1:

Give your little girl lasting curls. If you have had trouble with this in the past, click here to see a short video sharing hairstyle secrets to getting curls.

Step #2:

For this hairstyle, you will divide the hair down the middle. Starting with one side, gently twist twards her head while guideing the hair to the back of her head - secure with a barrette.

Step #3:

Do the same with the other side and when the hair is ready to be clipped into the barrette, simply unclip the first side and reclip the barrette securing both sides.

Step #4:

Finally, take small buinches of Baby's Breath flowers and stick the stem into the sides following the hair from the sides to the back.  

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Little Girl Hairstyles Tip:

Babies Breath is a wonderful flower to add to wedding flower girls hairstyles! It looks fresh for hours and is so lightweight, it stays in place!


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