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 Toddler Girls Hairstyle Picture - Preschool Bob Hairdo


Awwww... little girls are so sweet and giving them a darling hairstyle is sure to make you tickled pink! This darling girl’s hairstyle is simple, yet timeless. If you little girl has strait hair slightly longer than shoulder length this is a fantastic way for her to wear her hair!
To make this hairstyle look its best, add a slight curl or flip on the ends using a round brush and a blow dryer set on medium while drying her hair.  The secret to making her hair flip up is the right length. Your little girls hair should be just slightly longer than shoulder length. A stylist can cut her hair with slight layers that will help her hair to have a cute flip on the ends.


Supplies Needed for this Hairstyle:

1. Round Brush for adding slight flip to her hair
2. Blow Dryer
3. Optional -- clip or bow to keep hair out of her eyes

Step #1:

To style, after washing and towel drying her hair, part her hair down the side.

Step #2:

Next, using a blow dryer set on medium heat and a rounded brush, dry her hair while brushing it strait and add the flip to the ends of your little girl's hair using the rounded brush and holding the blow dryer close to the brush for a few seconds to set the curl.

Step #3:

After styling her hair, adding a hair accessory like a scarf is a sure way to keep her hair pulled back from her face to be sure to see her sweet smile! Hair scarf accessories are the latest rage and come in colors and styles to match almost any girls outfit!

What a perfect hair style for a preschool or toddler girl who wants a little more dressed up hairdo!    



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