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Toddler Girls Hairstyle

 Toddler Girls Hairstyle


Most toddler girls are full of energy and fun! When styling a young girls hair, remember it is best to give her a style that will look lovely all day. The above photo shows an excellent style for a little girl – no matter what -- you will be able to see her dimpled smile! 


Supplies Needed for this Hairstyle:

1. Round Brush
2. Blow Dryer
3. Ponytail Holder
4. Optional -- hair bow or other hair accessories

Step #1:

First wash and towel dry her hair.

Step #2:

Next, using your blow dryer on medium heat and a round brush to brush her hair gently brush her hair and follow the brush with the blow-dryer.  When you get to the ends, slow down on your brushing and hold the ends of the hair in the round brush and dry the hair in that position.

Step #3:

After you have completely dried her hair with the added the flip or curl at the very end, gather the very front of her hair. Using a comb, smooth the front of her hair and pull back to the top of her head and secure with a ponytail holder.

Step #4:

At this point, you can add a beautiful hair accessory or handmade bow to dress up this hairdo.  






Add Flowers to Her Hair!


  Click Here to see how this young girl has the start of a french braid and then fabulous curls topped off by flowers!

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Little Ballerina Hairstyle Idea...

little-girls-ballet-hairstyle.jpg Ballerinas sometimes want to do more with thier hair than just pull it back in a typicall bun. See this darling hairdo!

Little Girl Hairstyles Tip:


Note: Be sure to give an active toddler something to do while you are styling her hair – possibly a favorite book, small toy or even a mirror to watch as you style her hair!  



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