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Toddler Tiara Updo

Dazzling Curls Hairstyle - a Perfect Hairstyle for Pageants


Wow -- this fabulous tiara hairstyle can even be done on a young girl for a truly elegant look! Your little girl needs to have hair that is half way down her back or longer and must be able to pull it up to the top for this fun updo! What a beautiful way to display a tiara! Be sure to "mouse over" this picture to see the back of this girls tiara hairstyle! Follow the steps below to give your little girl this awesome hairdo! 


Supplies Needed for this Girls Tiara Hairstyle: 

1. Your favorite way to give lasting curls
2. Ponytail holder to blend with the color of her hair
3. Bobby Pins - (about 12 - 20 depending on thickness of hair)
4. Decorative Tiara

Step #1:

For this little girl’s tiara hairstyle - first you need to give her a full head of bouncy curls -- the girl in this picture used Curls for Girls (Click the pink link to learn more!) to acheive this look, but you can use a hot curling iron or old fashioned rollers.

Step #2:

Next, you will gather her hair and make a very high ponytail on the top of her head.

Step #3:

Next, simply swirl the curls from the ponytail around the base of the ponytail to give the loose, curly bun look and secure with bobby pins

Step #4:

Now, for the final touch, add your sparkly tiara, securing with bobby pins if the tiara does not come with attached combs to keep it in place!





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Little Girl Hairstyles Tip:

Make sure you have a hairstyle that compliments the look of your tiara. The hairstyle at the left show beautiful curls framing the tiara!

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