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Tiara Hair

 Tiara Hairstyle Ideas for Little Girls - Some Up / Some Down


This little girls hairdo shows a tiny tiara comb that easily slides into her hair. You can use any type of tiara with this super easy hairstyle! Elegant, but simple -- this some up some down is perfect for almost any any length of hair as is sure to be a favorite! This Some Up / Some Down hairstyle can be used on any age girl and looks fabulous even without the rhinestone tiara! With this style, we did not leave out tendrils, but click to the link on the right to see the young girl with this same style and tendrils framing her face!



Supplies Needed for this Hairstyle: 

1. Your favorite way to give lasting curls
2. Ponytail Holder the Same Color As Her Hair
3. Several Bobby Pins if tiara does not include an attached comb
4. Beatiful Tiara

Step #1:

Curl your little girls hair -- click here to find out how I curled this little girls hair for this photo. 

Step #2:

Gently pull the top front of her hair to the center top of her head and secure with
a good holding clip or barrett hair accessory.

Step #3:

 Add your beautiful mini tiara comb (as shown above) or add a typical sized tiara and secure with included combs on the ends or bobby pins and you are done! 


Easy and fast, this little girl looks like a princess and is sure to have judges notice that she is NOT wearing a hair piece - this is her natural hair!!

These darling flower girls have a picture perfect hairstyle that is carefree and will look fresh until the bride and groom zoom off in the wedding limo! Follow the two easy steps below to give your little flower girl this darling look!




More Tiara Hair Styles!


This is the ORGINAL Tiara Hairstyle Photo that has gone viarl around the web! 

More Elegant Tiara Styles!


Click to see this Tiara Updo Hairstyle!

More Easy Hairdos:


 Click to see how elegant this Some Up / Some Down Style is with Tendrils!

Click to See This Darling Hairstyle


Easy and Beautiful -- click to see this darling look for flower girls! 


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