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Pearl Ponytail Hairstyle

Young Girls Pearl Ponytail Hairstyle - Perfect for Flower Girls, Dances and More!


If diamonds are a girls best friend, then pearls are a close second! This sweet and easy hairstyle uses costume pearls (see the tip at the right) to go around a beautiful ponytail to give this little girl an elegant look! This Pearl Ponytail Hairstyle is fun for flower girls, or any fancy occasion such as tea parties, birthday parties and more! Follow the easy directions to give your little girl this fabulous look!


Supplies Needed for this Hairstyle:

1. Your favorite way to give lasting curls - the girl in the picture above used Curls for Girls!
2. Ponytail holder the color of her hair
3. Wide toothed comb 
4. String of faux pearls -- enough to wrap around several times 
5. Thin and tiny, clear elastics to secure pearls to the base of the ponytail

Step #1:
For this girl’s hairstyle - first you need to give her a full head of gorgeous lasting curls 

Step #2:
Next, using the wide toothed comb, smooth her hair before the hair elastic ponytail holder, and place on the side as a low side ponytail

Step #3:
Of course, the final touch is to add the string of costume pearls. Starting at one end wrap around until it looks like the image above and then secure with a few of the tiny, clear elastics.





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Little Girl Hairstyles Tip:

You can find an inexpensive costume jewlery string of pearls at a craft store or even a dollar store -- just look in the jewlery department! 

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