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French Braid and Curls

Pageant Hairstyle for Girls -- French Braid to Curls


Sometimes all you need for a fabulous kids pageant updo is some pretty flower clips, a few braids and some curls!

This hairstyle is a mix of two french braids that stop and go into flowing curls! See the easy steps below to give your little girl this fun hairstyle that is perfect for so many occsions! 


Supplies Needed for this Hairstyle:

1. Your favorite way to give lasting curls
2. Two Hair Clips, hair bands or jaw clips
3. Silk Flowers or other Hair Accessories

Step #1:
Part your little girls hair down the center and give her two french briads that stop as show in the picture above and clip with a hair band, jaw clip or hair clip!

Note: I am not good at doing french braids, so I cannot help you there -- my sister helped me with this style :) 

Step #2:

Next, give your little girl her bouncy, lasting curls that start where the french braids end. My favorite way is Curls for Girls. Click the pink text to watch a short video that shows you how it works!

Step #3:

Add the decorative flowers over each of the clips and you are ready for your event! 




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