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Girls Special Ponytail

Flower Girls Special Ponytail Hairstyle


 All young girls look darling in a ponytail! When in double, this is a wonderful look that keeps her hair in place for the entire event! If you want to dress up your flower girl for the occasion, be sure to add these few steps to your flower girl’s pony tail.


Supplies Needed for this Hairstyle:

1. Rollers, Hot Curling Iron
2. Ponytail Holder
3. Optional -- hair bow or other hair accessories

Step #1:

First, bouncy curls add fun and movement to any hairstyle, especially ponytails. If you choose to style her hair in a ponytail, be sure to add lasting curls to your flower girl's ponytail to avoid looking like you just ran out of time to style her hair! Our favorite way to add curls to girls hair is the Curls for Girls Method - click here to find out more!

Step #2:

Second, adding a special hair accessory or using a small piece of her hair to wrap around the pony tail holder (shown above) adds a nice touch of elegance to her ponytail.

Step #3:

Finally, the photo above show that leaving out a few small sections of curl or tendrils to frame your flower girls face is a way to dress up this little girls hairstyle.









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Rose Updo for Medium Hair


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Little Girl Hairstyles Tip:

Keep in mind that a girl’s ponytail is simply a "casual updo" for any young girl. For flower girls, an updo hairstyle is a great choice for accenting a flower girl dress that has beautiful detailing in the back.


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