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Flower Girls Updo

Flower Girls Updo Hairstyle


Young girls love to dress up and even wear an updo just like the big girls! This flower girl updo is the best of both worlds! She still has flowers in her hair and she has a darling updo so all the details of her dress can be seen! This girls hairstyle is easy to accomplish once your little girl has beautiful curls! Follow the easy directions for this little girls updo that can be used on bigger girls too! 


Supplies Needed for this Hairstyle:

1. Your favorite way to give lasting curls
2. Wide Toothed Comb
3. Ponytail Holder the color of her hair
4. Bobby Pins (10 - 15)
5. Clusters of Silk or Fresh Mini Flowers

Step #1:
For this little girl’s hairstyle - first you need to give her lots of beautiful, lasting curls  <=Click the Pink Link to Learn More!

Step #2:
Next, you are going to gather up all of her hair and give her a high ponytail. You may choose to use the wide toothed comb to smooth out her hair before the ponytail holder. 

Step #3:
Taking one large, long curl at a time, bobby pin the one or two loops of the curl in place and allow the ends of the curl to gently rest against her head. Choose about 4 - 7 large, long curls to pin into place. Allow to rest of the smaller, shorter curls to hang naturally.

Step #4:

Fianlly, using Bobby Pins, you will add the mini flower clusters to her hair, filling in any gaps around the curls and accenting this fabulous updo!

You Are Done! This is a darling hairstyle for girls of all ages!

  I bet you thought it was going to be much harder than the 4 easy steps above! :)




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