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Flower Girl Daisy Bun

Wedding Flower Girls Daisy Bun Hairstyle


As fresh as spring, this Daisy Bun Hairstyle is typically for flower girls but would also work very well for a first communion hairstyle, a fancy tea or even a daytime party! The fresh fowers add a nice touch to her delicate bun with tendrils, but you can also use silk flowers if you want this look to be very fresh for hours! Like so many of the styles on this site, this hairdo requires lots of curls. The little girl in the picturre above does not have naturally curly hair -- I used Curls for Girls to give her the full, lasting curls! Follow the easy steps below to give your little girl this fresh look!


 Supplies Needed for this Hairstyle: 

1. A head full of pretty curls
2. Wide Toothed Comb
3. Ponytail holder the same color as her hair
4. Fresh Daisy type flowers or silk flowers - depending on the size about 5 - 8 
5. Bobby Pins (about 15 - 25)

Step #1:
For this little girl’s tiara hairstyle - first you need to give her a lots of fabulous, lasting curls  <= Click on the Pink Link to learn more!

Step #2:
Next, set aside a few tendrils to leave out of the bun (to frame her face beatifully.using the wide toothed comb -- smooth her hair back to the position you want the bun in the back of her head.

Step #3:
Using the wide toothed comb -- smooth her hair back to the position you want the bun in the back of her head and use the ponytail holder to first give her a ponytail in that position.

Step #4:

Now, take the end of the ponytail and swirl around the base of the ponytail to make a curly bun, using the bobby pins to hold the curly bun in place

Step #5:

Finally, take the flowers, and cut off the stem so they have about a 2 - 3 inch stem. Next insert them into the ponytail holder and use bobby pins if necessary to hold them in place!

You are done and she will be picture perfect in her new Daisy Bun Hairstyle!




Do You Have A Question?


Email me with your hairstyle question and I will be happy to help!
But, I can't do French Braids :)

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Little Girl Hairstyles Tip:

Keep fresh flowers very fresh!! Keep them cool, out of the sun and in water until 30 minutes or so before your flower girl walks down the isle! 

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