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Flower Wreath Bun Updo


Flower Wreath Bun Updo Hairstyle for Flower Girls  


What a lovely look for flower girls of all ages! The flower halo hairpiece adds a beautiful touch to any wedding flower girl and it is one of the easiest wedding headpieces to wear. Unlike tiaras, bows, and pinned in flowers, this darling headpiece seems to stay put and be one of the most comfortable for little flower girls to wear! In addition, preschool girls and toddler girls love to look in the mirror and see the flowers adorning their head. (If she has a bow in the back, she will not enjoy that nearly as much!) 


Supplies Needed for this Hairstyle:

1. Your favorite way to give lasting curls
2. Ponytail holder similar in color to her hair
3. Flower Halo or Flower Wreath
4. Bobby Pins (12 - 20) for securing top bun in place and for the flower wreath 

Step #1:

Give your little girl lasting curls. I used Curls for Girls, but you may use a hot curling iron, or old fashioned sponge rollers.

Step #2:

Using a wide toothed comb, smooth her hair up to the top of her head to give her a ponytail on the very top of her head and secure with a ponytail holder.

Step #3:

Take the ponytail and swirl it loosly around the base of the ponytail until you have a pretty swirl of curls. 

Step #4:

Using Bobby PIns, secure curls sections in place.

Step #5:

Place the flower wreath on her head and secure with a few bobby pins.







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Little Girl Hairstyles Tip:

This wedding updo hairstyle can be accompllshed if the girls have long enough hair to put in a ponytail on the top of thier head. 

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