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Flower Headband Pullback

 Flower Headband Pullback - Flower Girls Hairstyle 


This is very similar to the Elegant Pullback Hairstyles with Tendrils with one small change...

In this hairstyle, you only pull back the middle part of the hair, not the complete sides which give an elegant  look that is perfect for wedding flower girls of all ages. This beautiful hairstyle is quick and easy once your little girl has curls and can be styled on almost any hair length as long as her hair is at least as long as her shoulders!


Supplies Needed for this Hairstyle:

1. Your favorite way to give lasting curls
2. Silk Flowers in a Row with clear combs to keep in hair

Step #1:

Give your little girl beautiful curls if she does not have them naturally! Click here to watch a video showing the secrets to fabulous girls hairstyles!

Step #2:

Starting in the middle, and just slightly to each side gently guide her hair to the top back of her head. The photo shows a flower accessory that has two clear combs to hold her hair.

Step #3:

Secure with a few small jaw clips or as shown in the photo - a flower accessory that has two clear combs to hold her hair in place.






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Little Girl Hairstyles Tip:

This wedding flower headpiece can be worn with almost any girls' hairstyle – from short too long and everywhere in-between!

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