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Easy Roses Ponytail

Flower Girls Easy Formal Roses Ponytail 


This darling girls hairstyle is super easy and looks great on any girl that has enough hair to put her hair in a flowing pony tail! What a darling style for a wedding flower girl!
This simple flower girl updo was created as easily as putting her hair in a pony tail.


Supplies Needed for this Girls Hairstyle:

1. Rollers, Hot Curling Iron or your favorite way to give lasting curls
2. Ponytail Holder similar to the color of her hair
3. Fresh Roses - about 7 - 10 depending on the size of the roses

 Step #1:

First, you need to give your little girl bouncy curls that last and last without hairspray. Click Here to watch a short video showing the secret to beautiful hairstyles! 

Step #2:

Next,you wil gather her hair into a ponytail and secured with a holder the same color as her hair. 

Step #3:

Finally, I trimed the rose stems to about 2 inches in length and slipped them into the base of her flowing pony tail tucking them under some of the elastic to hold them in place.  

Step #4:

That is it!! She is ready to toss her petals with a beautiful hairstyle that is sure to last as long as she does!



Another Awesome Updo!


Girls Formal Updo -- Chic Updo Hairstyle!


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Little Girl Hairstyles Tip:

This Flower Girl's Style works best for girls who have enough hair for a high ponytail!

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