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Dazzling Pageant Curls

Dazzling Curls Hairstyle - a Perfect Hairstyle for Pageants


When it comes to hairstyles for girls – some of the prettiest styles are the simplest to attain. Take this Beautiful Curls Hairstyle for example. If your daughter has naturally curly hair, this hair style is a piece of cake. Simply wash her hair, part down it on the side and comb out. Next, add some hair products especially designed for curly hair that will help her to keep the curls without the frizz.  (A hair mousse or jell designed for curly hair is ideal.) Next, using your hands, scrunch up her hair to add volume to the curls against her scalp. Now, just let her hair air dry and do not brush those curly locks.


Our young hair model did not have curly hair – (Mouse Over Her Photo to see her Hair before curls!)

I added curls using the Curls for Girls technique and she had a full head of bouncy curls for a day! Click Here to learn more! Her curls looked completely natural and framed her face beautifully. I parted her hair on the side for this fantastic look – a look that would be great fun for any girl! 


 Supplies Needed for this Pageant Hairstyle:

1. Your favorite way to give lasting curls
2. Conditioner
3. Wide Toothed Comb

Step #1:

Simply wash her hair, use a good conditioner, rince well. Towel dry her hair and comb out using a wide toothed comb. Now you are ready for Curls for Girls or if she has naturally curly hair, go to Step #2.

Step #2:

For those with naturally curly hair -- comb out while still damp and using your hands gently take the bottom of her hair and scruntch twards the top allowing body and movement with her curls! So now you will see damp, bouncy curls and simply allow her hair to dry like that! DO NOT BRUSH her hair it will make it frizzy! 




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Little Girl Hairstyles Tip:

When leaving her bouncy curls down, be sure you have used conditioner in her hair -- it helps to add shine and reduce frizzy curls!

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