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Dance Hat Hairstyle

 Dance Hat Hairstyle for Girls


Hat hairstyles can be tricky - you want to have something fun and cute but the hat covers quite a bit of your dancers hair! This hat dance hairstyle shown is super easy - just give your little dancer bouncy curls and set the hat on her head and you are done!


Supplies Needed for this Hairstyle:

1. Your favorite way to give bouncy curls
2. Barrette or hair clips
3. Hat, of course
4. Bobby Pins to secure hat in place

Step #1:  

If your dancer does not have naturally curly hair, give her lasting curls the Curls for Girls way! <= Clicking the PINK link will take you to a short video to learn the secret of beautiful hairstyles!

Step #2: 

Use a barrette or clips to secure her hair out of her eyes if necessary.

Step #3:   

Place the hat on her head. If the hat is a little loose, simply secure with bobby pins! This hairstyle could not be easier once you have lasting curls in your dancers hair!

Many Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop Dance Costumes include a hat and now you know how to give her a fabulous look in her hat hairstyle!




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