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Beautiful Ballet Bun

 Beautiful Ballet Bun Hairstyle With Flowers



If your young girl is a little dancer, this beautiful bun hairstyle is sure to be a favorite! This elegant dance hairstyle is almost easier than the ordinary ballerina bun, but looks twice as good and is easy to do too!  Your little girl will need to have hair that is long enough to put into a low bun. Follow the easy steps below to give your young dancer this awesome hairdo!


Supplies Needed for this Hairstyle:

1. Your favorite way to give awesome curls
2. Ponytail holder
3. Wide toothed comb 
4. Bobby Pins -- Maybe 15 - 20
5. Silk fowers that match her dance outfit

Step #1: 

Give your girl beautiful, lasting curls the easy way! 

Step #2:   

Give her a side part, then gently smooth her hair back (using a wide toothed comb) just like you would for a low bun and secure with a pony tail holder.

Step #3: 

Next, taking the curly ponytail part of the bun, simply swirl her hair around like you would into a loose bun and secure the ends with bobby pins.

Step #4:   

Continue adding bobby pins to secure her beautiful curly bun.
Note: if your little dancer does lots of spins and twirls, have her dance a little to make sure the bun is secure enough to stay in place!

Step #5: 

Of cours, the finishing touch is to add the silk flowers just about the bun -- what a smart look and it is an easy DIY dance hairstyle!  

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Little Girl Hairstyles Tip:


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